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CampusSport organises several competitions during the academic year. You do not have to pay the sports fee in order to participate, as long as you are a student or a staff member in one of the universities in Turku. Anyone can put a team together. You can for example ask fellow students to join your team and participate in the competitions. Some of the competitions have both amateur and competition series. 

There is a separate fee for each competition. In team sports the fee covers the whole team. In team sports, the team’s contact person enrols the whole team. Participants need to pay the fee only after they have received a confirmation that the competition will take place. In team sports the participants can represent only one team. The players and referees participating in the competitions are not insured by CampusSport. Do not take photos or video footage of the participants without their permission.

The information on each competition (competition schedule, participation fee, last day to enrol) are available on page Sports.

You can enrol to the competitions on page Entering.

The match schedules and results are available on page Match schedules and results.

Do not have a team of your own?

CampusSport has its own team called CampitusSport. Team members are students and staff members of the universities in Turku. If you would like to compete but do not have a team of your own, you are welcome to join CampitusSport team. You can participate in just the competitions that you are interested in. There is no participation fee. If you would like to join the team, contact Petri Kuokkanen,

CampusSport Cup

CampusSport Cup is a series that consists of CampusSport’s own competitions and lasts for the whole season. You can participate in just one competition, it is not mandatory to be part of the Cup.

Cup is divided into team sports (football, bubble football, volleyball, floorball, dodgeball, ice hockey, basketball, futsal, floorball/sähly, Finnish baseball, flag football and ringette) and singles racket sports (tennis, padel, badminton, table tennis and pickleball). Other individual and doubles sports are not part of CampusSport Cup.

The teams participating in CampusSport Cup gain points according to their placing in each competition. Champion of the cup is the team that has most points at the end of the season. The way the points are counted encourages teams to participate in as many competitions as possible.

CampusSport Cup 2023-2024: team sports score (pdf) and racket sports score (pdf)

CampusSport Cup 2017-2023 score (pdf)

Cup points are counted as follows

  1. place: number of the teams participating in the competition + 7
  2. place: number of the teams participating in the competition + 4
  3. place: number of the teams participating in the competition + 2
  4. place: number of the teams participating in the competition
  5. place and lower: team gets one point less than the team situated one place higher

If there are more than one series (amateur/competition) in the competition, the counting of the points is based on the amount of participants in the series in question. If there are both amateur and competition series, the points in the competition series will be multiplied by 2.

If the teams have same amounts of points, the placings will be determined as follows:

  1. place: amount of competition winnings
  2. place: amount of competitions the team participated in
  3. place: the average of competition placings
  4. place: teams will play one game in a sport raffled by the organizers and the winner of the competition wins the entire series