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Personal trainer services

Personal trainer is an exercise coach who helps their customers to achieve goals in for example gym training. Only the people who have paid the CampusSport’s sports fee can use the personal trainer services.

Services are available as individual appointments and as group appointments for two people or for small groups (3–6 people). An appointment lasts for 45–60 minutes, depending on the customer’s needs. In order to achieve the best result, we recommend that you buy at least two appointments and a training plan. The customer and the personal trainer decide where the appointments take place. Appointments can be held in CampusSport’s sports facilities.


1 appointment

  • one person: student 31€ / staff member 42€
  • two people: 52€
  • a group (3-6 people): 83€

Training program

  • for one person: student 93€ / staff 126€
  • includes two PT meetings
  • the first meeting: the personal trainer interviews the customer and then draws a training program based on the interview
  • the second meeting: the personal trainer teaches the program to the customer

Instructions for a healthy diet

  • for one person: student 62€ / staff member 83€
  • includes one PT meeting
  • the personal trainer will draw instructions based on the customer’s food diary and go through the instructions with the customer in the meeting

How to make a reservation and pay

In order to book an appointment, please contact our personal trainers directly. Personal trainers send an invoice to their customers, CampusSport is not involved in the transaction. Cancellations have to be made at least two days before the appointment. Any appointment missed or cancelled late will result in a charge of the whole service price. The appointments are meant for the paying customer only and they cannot be given forward.

Get to know the terms of use (pdf file) before making an appointment.

CampusSport’s personal trainers

CampusSport’s personal trainers are Anna Lilja, Anni Toivanen, Hanna Pihlajamaa, Jarkko Mäkinen ja Ville Suominen.

Anna Lilja

Head shot of Anna Lilja

Contact me:

Education: Master of Social Sciences, FAF Foundation, FAF Gym Instructor, FAF Personal Trainer, Äitiysliikunta akatemia Work out during pregnancy and motherhood level 1, Les Mills BodyBalance instructor, synchronized skating coach level 1 and figure skating coach level 1

Background: I work as group fitness instructor and personal trainer. I have also worked as synchronized skating coach. I started to train at gym 10 years ago. Exercise has always been my passion and I like to help you to find joy of it too. I use Syke Tribe -application. With application you get your exercise programs in your mobile.

Expertise: lifestyle changes, weight loss, nutrition, muscle growth, mobility, motherhood training during pregnancy and after childbirth

Anni Toivanen

Head shot of Anni Toivanen

Contact me: / 0504323280

Education: Trainer4You personal trainer, SUH swimming and water exercise instructor, Trainer4You yoga instructor, Spartan Gear instructor (body maintenance and recovery, kettlebell). I am training to become a massage therapist in Hieronta-akatemia.

Background: I have a competitive swimming background and I started working as a swimming teacher in 2009. After that I have gradually started to exercise also on dry land. When I was 12 years old my former swimming coach took the team to a gym to do off season training. I wasn’t a sporty child but training at the gym felt like the right form of exercising for me. I like gym training because it is possible to tailor the workout to meet the needs of every individual. At the moment I work as a gym entrepreneur, personal trainer and swimming instructor. I also hold instructed workout classes. In the past years, I have coached many people who have noticed the effects of sitting down a lot in their bodies. I am approachable and it is easy to start exercising with my help.

Expertise: comprehensive gym workout that improves the general well-being, swimming

Hanna Pihlajamaa

Head shot of Hanna Pihlajamaa

Contact me: / (Visit an external site. The link opens in a new tab.)

Education: Physical therapist AMK 2004, FAF Gym Instructor 2006, World Kettlebell Club Fitness Trainer 2011, PhysioTrainer (FIHF Personal Trainer) 2018

Background: I have been working as a physical therapist for approximately 20 years. I am specialized in problems related to the musculoskeletal system. At University of Turku and CampusSport I have instructed various group exercise sessions and rehab courses as well as worked as a personal trainer. I especially want to help people who are starting to exercise or who have not been exercising for a long time. I also want to support people who have started to suffer from pains or injuries that affect mobility. In addition, I want to help people to diversify their exercising.

Expertise: exercising for beginners, observation of ailments related to the musculoskeletal system, rehabilitation, posture, prevention and treatment of seated employees’ ailments, muscle condition, mobility and holistic approach

I accept Edenred, Smartum and Epassi sport benefits as a paying method.

Jarkko Mäkinen

Head shot of Jarkko Mäkinen

Contact me:

Education: PhD in Educational Sciences, Coaching Specialist Qualification

Background: I used to work for the national Olympic Committee as a Youth Olympic Coach. Now I am a full-time mobility coach and can help everyone from beginners to top athletes. The most important methods are power production exercises that you can do at the gym or at home. I believe that the best results will be achieved, when you understand how and why to do the exercises. I am a calm person and I have a good sense of humor.

Expertise: learning, motivation, sports coaching, mobility testing and coaching, gym programs

Kati Saarinen

Head shot of Kati Saarinen

Contact me:

Education: Trainer4You -personal trainer, Spartan Academy Toiminnallisen harjoittelun (functional training) personal trainer and RYT200 yoga instructor

Background: I work as an instructor and personal trainer at CampusSport. I started instructing exercise classes 15 years ago with spinning classes. After that I have instructed different groups from mother-baby yoga to chair exercising for the elderly. My hobbies are running, cycling, functional training and yoga. I want to encourage my customers to do many different sports.

Expertise: exercising for beginners, mobility training, fuctional training

Tane Nguyen

Head shot of Tane Nguyen

Contact me:

Education: Special education class teacher MA, FAF Personal Trainer, FAF Gym Instructor and FAF Foundation

Background: I currently work as both a personal trainer and a group exercise instructor: with my PT expertise, I focus on both beginners and more advanced exercisers, taking into account their wishes regarding mobility or gym exercises. With beginners, we try to find fundamental practices to support getting started and routine and safe exercises, taking each person’s mobility into account. With more advanced excerisers, we are able practice more use of free weights and e.g. focus on power production, endurance and mobility utilizing the whole body comprehensively. I also support exercise from the point of view of healthy eating habits, diet and mental well-being.

Expertise: exercising for beginners, gym training for beginners and advanced, muscle growth, supporting and enhancing muscle group exercises (e.g. squats, deadlifts), weight loss, lifestyle changes, optimization of exercises and movement, body care, nutritional coaching, strength production and explosiveness

Ville Suominen

Head shot of Ville Suominen

Contact me: / 040-753 8435 (call weekdays at 10.00-12.00 or 19.00-21.00)

Education: Coaching degree

Background: Professional athlete for 10 years (road cycling). Since 2013 working as a professional coach in Finland and USA. My clients are track runners, football players, referees, hockey players, fitness athletes.

Expertise: plyometrics, strength training