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Sport Sirkka

Address: Sirkkalankatu 13, Turku

Opening hours: during the shifts listed in the schedule

Services: sports hall
Dressing rooms and showers: Gendered dressing rooms with showers. A unisex dressing room without a shower. An accessible toilet that can be used as a single occupant dressing room between shifts.
Lockers: There are lockers downstairs. Some of the lockers have enough room for a backpack whereas some of the lockers are smaller. The key is in the door and you won’t need a coin to use the locker.
Instructions: Entrance from Uudenmaankatu. Press the buzzer if you don’t have the key tag yet.
Bike rack: The bike rack is located in an underground parking garage. A ramp to the garage is in the parking lot on the left side of the building.
Customer service hours: see the page Contact