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Are you a beginner? Help us develop the sports services!

Does it have any importance what kind of people are represented in the photos of the sports services? Is it easier to attend a class if you know beforehand where you are going? How does communication in the sports facilities affect your experience?

CampusSport’s sports coordinator Maija Rihko is writing her thesis about the role of communication when people are encouraged to start exercising (how the language and pictures used affect etc.). We are looking for people who could participate in an interview (length around 45 min) during the summer or early autumn 2022. You can participate if you have started exercising during the past two years, if you are just planning to start exercising or if you feel like you don’t like exercising. You should be a student or a staff member in one of the universities in Turku. The interviews are individual and confidential. Participants will get a free lunch and a 30-day membership for CampusSport’s services.

If you want to participate in an interview, please send email to at the latest 31 May 2022. Use a subject line “Interview”.

CS 10.5.2022