How can I become a member?
You can pay the membership fee in our web store. It’s not possible to pay with cash or card at our customer service points. For prices and additional information about joining CampusSport, visit the Info page.

Who can become a member?
The following student and staff groups at Turku University of Applied Sciences, the University of Turku, Åbo Akademi University, Yrkeshögskolan Novia, DIAK and HUMAK have the right to use the CampusSport services:
– Degree students (you need to be registered as an attending student)
– Exchange students
– Employees with an employment relationship at the higher education institutions, also part-time (staff price)
– Grant researchers (staff price)
– Postgraduate students (staff price)
– Students of Diaconia University of Applied Sciences and HUMAK University of Applied Sciences who study in Turku and students doing path studies in Turku University of Applied Sciences

Those who don’t belong to these groups cannot use CampusSport’s services.

Can I pay the membership fee for somebody else or buy it as a present?
In order to buy our membership you need to login to our web store with your HAKA user ID of your higher education institution. This part has to be done personally. But when you are at the point where you actually pay the membership it doesn’t matter who’s paying. So you can buy a membership as a present but the person receiving the membership has to be personally logged in to our web store so that the membership will be registered to their account.

Why don’t you offer shorter memberships or single tickets?
We have a new sports fee for 30 days available during at least the academic year 2021-2022. The 30-day product is not valid for a calendar month. You can buy it at any point and it is valid from the time of purchase.

Do I need to book a place in the class in advance?
70% of available places in each class can be pre-reserved through the electronic reservation system. The remaining 30% of places is available on a first come, first served basis. These places can be acquired max. two hours before the class starts. For more information about the bookings, please visit the page Terms of use.

How long before the class do I need to arrive?
If you haven’t made a reservation, we recommend that you arrive 20-30 minutes before the class starts. There probably will be places left. The reservation needs to be confirmed at the self-service terminal in the sports facility at least 10 minutes before the class starts. If the reservation is not confirmed, the place will be released to other users. After this, you can no longer enter a class.

Why can’t I book place in a class even though I’ve paid the sports fee?
Have you graduated? The right to use the services is valid until the end of the academic year during which the user graduates or the job contract ends. However, it is not possible to make reservations for the classes after HAKA credentials expire.
Have you missed a class without cancelling it? In case of hindrance, reservations need to be cancelled in the electronic system at least 2 hours before the class starts. Two uncancelled or unconfirmed reservations lead to an automatic two-week reservation ban. Uncancelled reservations are reset at the end of autumn and spring semesters.

Can I attend classes if I have a reservation ban?
If there are free places in the classes you are welcome to join in even if you have a reservation ban. The reservations you have made before the reservation ban will be valid.

My tag doesn’t work. Why can’t I get in to the facilities even though I have paid the sports fee?
Are you at the right entrance? There can be more than one entrance to the building, but only one meant for CampusSport members. Are you showing your tag to the right reader? Since there can be many user groups in the facilities, there can also be more than one reader. CampusSport’s readers are marked with our stickers. Are you sure the gym you’re trying to get in is open? Check out the opening hours and pictures of the entrances from the page Facilities. It is also possible that the chip in the tag is broken. If this is the case, please visit our customer service.


Can’t you do anything about the crowded gyms?
Some of our gyms are more popular than others. We recommend trying out Formis gym which is usually less crowded. In addition, it is good to know that the most popular times to visit the gyms are on weekdays between 4 pm and 8 pm, especially in the beginning of the week. If it is possible to exercise outside of these hours, there is most likely less people at the gym.

Gym visitor statistics show that there aren’t that many people at the gym but when I get there it’s very crowded. Why is this?
The gym visitor statistics show the average of the previous four weeks. The statistics are updated weekly on early Monday morning. With the current coding it is not possible to show the exact numbers, but you’ll get an estimate of the amount of people at the gym.

Why do you use equipment that is old and unsafe?
It is really important to us that the equipment is safe to use and we are maintaining the equipment on a regular basis. If our customers notice unsafe equipment, we hope that you will immediately inform our attendants or send e-mail to info@campussport.fi.

Is it possible to get tutoring for beginners?
We recommend that you try our gym counseling service, which is arranged once a week at each gym. Counseling is included in the sports fee. Our gym instructors are happy to help with the equipment. You can find the gym counseling schedule in the page Start exercising. We also offer Gym training for beginners courses and personal trainer services for an additional price.

Could the gyms open earlier in the morning?
Unfortunately it is not possible because the gyms are cleaned in the morning and the cleaning company cannot change the time.


Do I need to have my own equipment with me in the classes?
You don’t need to bring anything besides your clothes, shoes that are suitable for indoor workout and a sweat towel. Sports halls’ are equipped with everything that is needed in the classes. If you want, you can of course bring your own yoga mat or floorball stick.

Can I start going to a class even if the season has already started?
Classes have been planned in a way that it is possible to join in also in the middle of the semester and it isn’t a problem if you can’t attend the same class weekly. Dance classes in Sport Sirkka are an exception: instructors use the same choreographies for 4-6 weeks.

Why are the staff members allowed to use CampusSport’s services? Why can the staff members participate in students’ classes although students cannot participate in staff’s classes?
CampusSport is aimed for the whole community of the higher education institutions. Students and staff members are both important and equal customer groups. For staff members, CampusSport is employer’s way of supporting well-being (cf. exercise vouchers). There are a few weekly classes, which are open only for staff members and therefore the staff price is a bit higher. Otherwise all classes and shifts are open for both students and staff members and there are no “students’ classes” in CampusSport’s selection.

Why aren’t there instructed classes in Educarium in the mornings?
CampusSport is not the only user of Educarium’s facilities. OKL (teacher education) has the privilege to use Educarium’s facilities during the day time and that is the reason CampusSport cannot organize morning classes there.

Why do your classes last only 50 minutes instead of 60 minutes?
If CampusSport’s classes were 60 minutes long, it would mean one class less every day. We want to offer as many classes as possible in order to offer as many people as possible the chance to exercise.

Could you install mirrors to the sports hall in Educarium?
Unfortunately it is not possible, as the sports hall is used for ball sports too.

Is it possible to get a printed sports schedule?
It is possible to print out the schedule in a PDF format on our website from the page Schedule. We have chosen not to hand out printed schedules for ecological reasons. Changes are made in the sports schedule during the season and we don’t want to have a large amount of printed schedules as they might end up being out-of-date soon.

Why was my favourite class cancelled out of the blue?
It is mentioned in CampusSport’s terms of use that CampusSport reserves the right for permanent and/or temporary changes in the schedule. It is not economically possible to arrange classes for only a couple of people. We try to inform our customers about the changes at least two weeks before.

How can I tell which classes are suitable for a beginner?
We offer beginners’ classes almost every day. Classes are divided into challenge levels from 1 to 3. You can check the level of each class from the class description. Check out the suitable classes from the page Start exercising.

I would like to participate in ball sports shifts, but I don’t go there as the reservation system shows that there is nearly no one in the shifts. Don’t people go to these shifts?
Many people participate in ball sports shifts without a reservation. There are usually over 50% more participants than what the reservation system shows.

Why is there so little water exercise?
We don’t have a pool of our own. Due to high rents and too early / late shifts at the swimming halls we aren’t able to offer any more water exercise.


Do I need to be a CampusSport member in order to participate in a course with a separate fee?
You don’t need to be our member but you need to be a student or a staff member in a university in Turku.

Why are the courses so expensive compared to the membership fee?
The expenses of the courses with separate fees are often higher than in CampusSport’s weekly classes (e.g. due to high instructor training fees in pilates). CampusSport doesn’t make a profit with courses, the course fees only cover the expenses. The course fees are still a lot cheaper than the ones that commercial operators charge.

Why, when it comes to certain classes, I need to participate in a technique course in order to attend the weekly class. Wouldn’t it be possible to learn the necessary techniques in the weekly classes?
To be able to ensure that the weekly classes are safe and satisfactory for all participants, some sports (e.g. fitness boxing) require a separate technique course. In weekly classes, the instructor must be able to pay attention to the whole group and it is not possible if first-timers require special attention. This is the reason why we require in certain sports that the participants know the basics before attending the weekly classes.


Can I book a weekly shift for my own team in CampusSport’s facilities?
You can book a regular weekly shift in our sports halls. Regular shifts for the upcoming academic year are open for reservations in May and June. Shifts can be booked for the autumn, spring or the whole academic year. Regular shifts for badminton can be booked only for autumn or spring at a time. After the reservation period has ended, free shifts can be inquired from Petri Kuokkanen, petri.kuokkanen@campussport.fi.

Who can book a regular shift?
All staff members and students of the higher education institutions in Turku can rent facilities. 50% of those who use the regularly booked sports facilities must be from the higher education institutions in Turku.

What’s the price of a regular shift or a single reservation? Which facilities can be rented?
Check the facilities and prices on the page Facilities for rent.