Free curling try out

The Finnish Curling Association and local Copper Hill Curling Club offer a free curling try out for all students! The try outs take place on Tue 9 November at 5pm-7pm (in Finnish) and Tue 16 November at 5pm-7pm (in English). You do not need to pay the the CampusSport sports fee or have any previous experience in curling in order to participate.

Wear sports clothes and indoor shoes. You cannot wear outdoor shoes on the ice. There is approximately 5-10 degrees celsius in the hall. All the equipment including helmets are available in the sport hall. You can also bring your own helmet. The try outs will be held in Turku Curling Arena in Impivaara Sports Center (Kurrapolku 2).

Enroll in the CampusSport online reservation system: 1. Go to “Reserve a class”, link on the website, 2. Select branch: Other, 3. Select type: Sports classes, 4. Select service: Curling try out, 5. Choose the right date from the calendar.

The maximum amount of participants in each session is 20. The try out will take place only if there are at least six participants. Last enrollment day to the 9 Nov session is Sun 7 Nov, last enrollment day to the 16 Nov session is 14 Nov.

Copper Hill Curling Club organises also wheel chair curling. If you are interested, contact the club:

CS 28.10.2021