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Member benefit: discount on M-Circuit home training

Exercisemaster’s home training M-Circuit will challenge your body control and functional mobility in a way you haven’t seen before. Effortless movements, painless body, feeling of control. Regular M-Circuit practitioners are familiar with all these. M-Circuit improves your mobility, balance and body control faster than any training concept. And remember, you do not need to be flexible to start!

Letter M comes from the word Mobility. It does not only mean a large range of motion, but also the ability to move your body exactly like you want. M-Circuit session makes you sweat. It tells how much your nerve system works to enable you to move in a way you never even imagined. You can already feel during the first session what is happening in your body.

With a discount code CAMPUS2023 you get access to a 6 weeks online home training with only 22,95 euros. Get your trainings safely from this link:

Sessions are in Finnish, but it is not really a problem. Just follow the instructor on the video!

More information:

CS 3.5.2023