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Sports service survey

EDIT 12 Apr: We want to thank everyone who answered our sports service survey! We have drawn the lottery prizes and the winners have been contacted by e-mail.

Answer CampusSport’s sports service survey! The survey is aimed at all students and staff members of the universities in Turku. The goal of the survey is to find out exercising habits and opinions of CampusSport’s services. Questions 1-10 are about exercising in general, questions 11-23 about CampusSport and questions 24-25 about physical activities in everyday life. The survey is anonymous. It is not mandatory to answer all the questions.

You can win a prize if you participate. The lottery prizes are three CampusSport’s summer semester memberships, one personal training appointment and one 60-minute massage appointment. The instructions on how to participate in the raffle are available at the end of the survey.

The last day to answer the survey is 6 Apr 2022. You can find the survey here:

CS 14.3.2022