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Tip: these shifts have been less crowded

You have participated in the sports shifts actively – well done! However, there have been fewer participants on certain shifts and we would like to encourage you to try those as well. This is also an excellent opportunity for those who appreciate their own space and prefer to exercise with a smaller group.

There have been fewer participants on these shifts:

  • Staff Posture power, Mon at 17.15–18.05, Iskeri
  • FitYoga, Mon at 18.25–19.15, Iskeri
  • EasyTraining, Tue at 14.00–14.50, Sport Sirkka
  • Futsal for beginners, Tue at 20.00–21.50, Educarium
  • Basketball for beginners men, Tue at 20.30–21.50, Iskeri
  • Vinyasa yoga in Swedish, Wed at 14.00–14.50, Sport Sirkka
  • HIIT 30, Wed at 17.10–17.40, Iskeri
  • M-Circuit®, Thu at 15.00–15.50, Iskeri
  • Staff Body, Thu at 16.00–16.50, Educarium
  • Floorball, Thu at 19.00–19.50, Educarium
  • Futsal, Fri at 20.30–21.50, Educarium