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Answers to customer feedback autumn 2023

We conducted a customer feedback survey at the end of the year. We received around 140 answers and want to thank everyone who answered! The average grade for CampusSport’s services was 4,24 (on a scale of 1 to 5).

We have already taken some actions based on your suggestions. For example, we have added the possibility to filter the sports schedule by the weekday, reminded instructors of the importance of finishing classes on time and asked the owner of the Aurum building to solve the problems with lockers.

As in previous feedback surveys, we have answered to some of the open-ended questions. You can find the answers below.

We are happy to receive feedback anytime. You can give us feedback, for example, by sending an email to or leaving a message via the feedback form on our website.

I liked the old sports schedule more, when you could see the whole week’s schedule right away and you could take a screenshot of it.

The new CampusSport website has been designed with accessibility in mind, which has had a significant impact on the way the information has been presented. For reasons of equality, we want our website to be accessible, and we are also required by law to do so. The old website had several accessibility issues in its schedule, including a font that was too small. When accessed on a computer, the schedule for the whole week for one sports facility is still displayed in one view and it is easy to take a screenshot of it.

You can find the information you need [on the website], but it is published too late. I mean, for example, the sports schedule for the coming season.

Unfortunately, if we want to keep the current features of the site (for example Sports schedule today section on the homepage), it will not be possible to display two different seasons’ schedules at the same time. When it comes to events or sport try outs, we always try to give at least three weeks’ notice.

Accessibility guidelines are nice when they include pictures with instructions on how to access the premises. It would be nice to have similar instructions on how to get to the sports facilities on the website as well, as it makes it easier to get to a new facility by getting to know it beforehand, rather than having to queue up at the customer service desk just to ask how to get to a dressing room. It would also be nice for people who are shy of social situations to have such instructions.

Although the accessibility documents contain information on, for example, doorway widths and threshold heights that may be necessary, especially for people using assistive devices, the documents are intended for use by all customers. Instructions on access routes have been made into separate pdf files for usability and accessibility reasons. For the time being these pdf files are available on our website only in Finnish.

Directions to all CampusSport’s own sports facilities are also available in video and photo format on CampusSport’s Instagram account (in English). Directions for each facility can be found in the saved highlights of our profile.

Some shortcut to your own reservations [on the website] would be good. Now you have to make a couple of clicks to reserve a class, for example.

We have tried to place the Reserve a class button in a prominent place on the website, with a background colour that is different from the rest of the menu. When used on a computer, the button is located in the top menu, which also follows you as you scroll down the site. On a mobile device, the button is one click away.

The website and all its content are intended to be public. For this reason, the online store and the reservation system, which require authentication, are located behind the Haka login in a separate Avoinna24 service, which unfortunately requires a few extra clicks.

The equipment storage in Educarium is small and it is difficult to pick up or return items in the pump classes. Would it be possible to store some of the equipment, e.g. step boards, on one of the walls of the sports hall? Would it be possible to have mirrors where you can see your own technique?

The Educarium sports hall is used also for teacher students’ teaching purposes and a lot of ball sports is played there, which makes it impossible to store equipment on the side of the hall or install mirrors.

Cleaning should be increased, especially at Educarium. Especially in winter, the floor is often dusty.

The sports hall is cleaned once a day in the morning, so when there are many users, there is dirt and dust on the floor again in the evening. If the hall were cleaned twice a day, this would mean that CampusSport’s shifts would start an hour later each day. A mop is available in the storage room, which users can use to clean the floor themselves if necessary, for example before the start of the ball sports shifts.

Educarium has far too few toilets for women during instructed classes.

There are more toilets available in the Educarium library and in the lobby near the Macciavelli restaurant.

Many people come to Sport Sirkka by bike, which means that there are always many bicycles in front of the building on the pavement. Could there be bike racks in front of Sport Sirkka?

It is prohibited to place a bicycle rack in front of the building the bike racks of the building. There are bike in the underground parking garage, which CampusSport customers may use. Access to the garage is via a ramp from the parking lot on the left side of the building.

Dressing rooms are sometimes very crowded, you must have thought about staggering the classes so that those coming and going won’t meet in dressing rooms.

It is recommended to arrive so that you are ready to enter the sports hall 10 minutes before the shift starts, i.e. at the same time when the previous shift ends. This will help the situation in the dressing rooms when groups do not use them at the same time.

The demand for sports services is currently so high that, unfortunately, there is no possibility of a real staggering of services. We want to ensure the most efficient use of the sports halls.

It would be nice if customer service desks were open a little earlier, or even twice a day (e.g. morning and afternoon).

Morning opening hours are already available at Sport Sirkka on weekdays and at Educarium on weekends. There are currently no resources for additional opening hours. For customer service hours, please see the Contact page.