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Design an overall patch for CampusSport

Take part in the first ever CampusSport overall patch competition! The aim of the competition is to create a patch or patches that are in some way related to sports and/or CampusSport. The competition is open to students and staff of all higher education institutions in Turku.

Please note the following when designing your patch:

  • The entry must be created by the contestant and must have all copyrights. Please do not use logos or characters from popular culture.
  • Avoid small details and small text.
  • The name CampusSport or the abbreviation CS must be included. If you wish, you can use the CampusSport logo.
  • The entry does not need to be a finalized file. The most important thing is that the idea of the patch comes across.

The creator of the overall patch that reaches the production stage will be rewarded with one semester of free access to CampusSport services (either spring, summer or fall 2024 sports fee, at your choice). To claim the prize, the winner must be a member of one of the groups eligible to use CampusSport services.

CampusSport reserves the right not to implement any of the competition entries if the ideas are not feasible. If there are multiple good ideas, more than one entry may be awarded. In this case, some of the awarded patches may not be implemented until future years.

To enter the overall patch competition, send your entry as an image file to Please write ‘Overall patch competition’ in the subject line. Each entrant may submit up to two entries. Entries must be sent by 23.59 on 27 February 2024.

By submitting an entry, participants grant CampusSport the exclusive right to use the pathces they have designed, with no time limit. The right of use includes the right to make minor changes to the patches to be implemented.