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Sauna and cold water swimming 17 Feb 2024

Join the sports tutors for a relaxing sauna and cold water swimming experience on Saturday 17 February 2024 starting from 12.15pm.

The venue is Turun Avantouimarit’s sauna in the Ispoinen beach (Rykmentintie 51, Turku). You can come by bus with the sports tutors. Take the bus number 13 that leaves at 11.50am from the market place, bus stop C2. The sports tutors will be wearing CampusSport vests, so you will be able to recognize them. You can also meet the group outside the sauna at approx. 12.15pm.

Participants will pay the bus fee and the sauna fee (7€) their selves. You do not have to pay CampusSport’s sports fee in order to participate. You can spend as much time as you want to in the sauna and water. The sauna is open for other users as well during the event.

Bring a water bottle, a bathing suit, a towel, a hat and if you want to, slippers to use when walking at the pier. If you have not been cold water swimming before, the tutors will tell you what do.