Other services

Personal trainer services

Those who have paid the CampusSport sports fee have the opportunity to purchase personal trainer services at an affordable price. The personal trainer services are available as individual appointments, for pairs and for small groups (3–6 people). An appointment lasts 45–60 minutes. The personal trainers of CampusSport are Essi Silvonen, Jarkko Mäkinen and Tane Nguyen.

The prices of the CampusSport personal trainer services are:

  • for one person
    1 appointment: 30/40€ (student/member of staff)
  • for two persons
    1 appointment: 50€
  • for a group (3-6 people)
    1 appointment: 80€



Jarkko Mäkinen (jarkkomail@gmail.com)

  • Education: Doctor of Education; Specialist Qualification in Coaching
  • Occupation: Youth Olympic Coach (taekwondo)
  • Competence areas: learning and motivation, sports coaching, sports instruction, nutrition and well-being
  • History: I’ve been a coach and instructed different sports groups for over 20 years. In addition to competition coaching I’m familiar with yoga, functional training, the TLB method and extensively with different strength and endurance training methods. From these starting points I build each individual a suitable training entity, working on which is both pleasant and result-oriented. In my opinion you get the best results when you enjoy what you’re doing.
  • Character: calm, a good sense of humour, open-minded and unprejudiced, curious to learn more
  • Motto in coaching: “in the end it doesn’t matter if you’re gifted, but that you’re willing to develop”


Tane Nguyen (thang.v.nguyen@utu.fi)

  • Education: BBA, FAF Foundation, FAF Gym Instructor, FAF Personal Trainer
  • Own sports: Fitness, bodybuilding, gym, thaiboxing, badminton
  • Specialized in personal training: lifestyle changes, nutrition, beginning support of training, motivation, functional training, optimized methods of muscle growth, lifting achievements, bodybuilding.
  • History: For 5 years, I have trained goal-directed at the gym and taken part to various group and functional training sessions and group training classes. I have improved myself and licenced my knowledge to Personal trainer through FAF, which is the leading wellness and exercise instructor training organization in Finland. All those experiences have made me more and more curious about optimizing my own capacity and focusing on the good energy that always comes after exercise. One certain way was pushing myself every time over the limit! For me the whole idea behind training has been increasing the good energy and feeling, and those have motivated me to train more, eat healthy and to get enough sleep.
  • Motto: “Quality over quantity”

Terms and conditions for using the CampusSport Personal Trainer services

  • The services are intended only for the students and staff at the higher education institutions in Turku (right to participate).
  • The customer shall have paid the CampusSport sports fee.
  • An appointment lasts 45–60 minutes according to the customer’s need.
  • The appointments are intended for the paying customer only. The appointments cannot be handed over to someone else.
  • Cancelling the appointment shall take place at least two (2) days before the agreed appointment.
  • For more specific and detailed alignments, please contact the personal trainer directly or the CampusSport employees.


Borrowing sports equipment

Those who have paid the CampusSport sports fee can borrow different sports equipment. The borrowing period is max. three days. If you wish to borrow sports equipment, please contact info(a)campussport.fi.


CampusSport’s customers can buy massage services with affordable prices from a massage therapist Juulia Niemi. You can book a massage on CampusSport’s online reservation system. The massage will be paid by cash when you have the appointment. Massage is offered occasionally at Sport Sirkka. For further information please call 044 5665217 / Juulia Niemi.

In autumn 2018 appointments will be available starting from October.

Massage price list (only for CampusSport’s customers)

  • 30 min: 20€
  • 45 min: 25€
  • 60 min: 35€
  • 90 min: 45€
  • You have to cancel your appointment at the latest 24 hours beforehand or you need to pay the full price.