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On this site you will find information about
– Personal trainer services
– Borrowing sports equipment
– Massage

Personal trainer services

Those who have paid the CampusSport sports fee have the opportunity to purchase personal trainer services at an affordable price. The personal trainer services are available as individual appointments, for pairs and for small groups (3–6 people). An appointment lasts 45–60 minutes. The personal trainers of CampusSport are Jarkko Mäkinen, Ville Suominen, Jani Rantala and Anni Toivanen.

The prices of the CampusSport personal trainer services are:

  • for one person
    1 appointment: 30/40€ (student/member of staff)
  • for two persons
    1 appointment: 50€
  • for a group (3-6 people)
    1 appointment: 80€



Jarkko Mäkinen (jarkkomail@gmail.com)

  • Contact: jarkkomail@gmail.com
  • Education: PhD in Educational Sciences, Coaching Specialist Qualification
  • Backround: I work for the national Olympic Committee as a Youth Olympic Coach. Besides competition oriented coaching, I am specialised on stretching, functional training, power training and endurance training. When I work as a Personal Trainer, I always aim at finding the best possible solution for the individual. I believe that the best results will be achieved, when the excercises feel both useful and convenient.
  • Expertise: learning, motivation, top sport, testing, gym training, body-weight training, nutrition and well being.

Ville Suominen (villesuom@gmail.com, 040-753 8435)

  • Contact: villesuom@gmail.com, 040-753 8435 (call weekdays at 10.00-12.00 or 19.00-21.00)
  • Education: Coaching degree
  • Backround: Professional athlete for 10 years (road cycling). Since 2013 working as a professional coach.(Finland, USA). My clients are track runners, football players, referees, hockey players, fitness athletes.
  • Expertise: Plyometrics, strength training

Jani Rantala (koutsinkujeet@gmail.com, 045-8872238)

  • Contact: 045-8872238, koutsinkujeet@gmail.com. Homepage: http://www.koutsinkujeet.fi / Booking calendar: http://www.vello.fi/koutsinkujeet
  • Education: I have been educated in Trainer4you, where I graduated gym instructor and personal trainer. Right now I’m working on a Bachelor of Health Sciences, major in sports medicine.
  • Backround: The gym is familiar to me for 14 years. I fell in love with the sporty lifestyle and better body image. I want offer this same mindset for you and teach step by step maintainable lifestyle change, which carries on even if you had a bad day.
  • Expertise: New point of interest for me is connection of diseases, exercising, nutrition and mental health. I’m studying these things in my Bachelor’s degree.

Anni Toivanen (Anni@uittamonkuntosali.fi, 050-4323280)

  • Contact: Anni@uittamonkuntosali.fi or 0504323280
  • Education: Trainer4You Personal Trainer, nationally certified Swim Teacher, Spartan Gear Kettlebell – and Mobility trainer. I’m currently finalizing my studies to become a sports advisor at Kisakallio sports institute as an entrepreneurs apprenticeship.
  • Backround: I started to working as a swimteacher through my competition swimming background ten years ago. From there I have gradually shifted to train in different froms of excersizing on the dry land. At the age of 12 my former swimming coach took us to to the gym to do off season training, and that’s when I fell for it. I wasn’t naturally very sporty as a child, so training at the gym felt like the correct form of excersinign for me.
  • Expertise: I will gladly get you started with training at the gym or make excersizing a part of your life in general. Let’s find some motivation and new ideas for your training togehter and achieve a better healthier wellbeing for you! We can develop your muscles or swimming technique together while having fun doing so!


Anna Lilja (aiklil@utu.fi)

  • Contact: aiklil@utu.fi
  • Education: Master of Social Sciences, FAF Foundation, FAF Gym Instructor, FAF Personal Trainer, Les Mills BodyBalance instructor, synchronized skating coach level 1 and figure skating coach level 1.
  • Backround: I work as group fitness instructor and personal trainer. I have also worked as synchronized skating coach. I started to train at gym 10 years ago. Exercise has always been my passion and I like to help you to find joy of it too.
  • Expertise: Lifestyle changes, weight loss, nutrition, muscle growth, mobility.


Terms and conditions for using the CampusSport Personal Trainer services

  • The services are intended only for the students and staff at the higher education institutions in Turku (right to participate).
  • The customer shall have paid the CampusSport sports fee.
  • An appointment lasts 45–60 minutes according to the customer’s need.
  • The appointments are intended for the paying customer only. The appointments cannot be handed over to someone else.
  • Cancelling the appointment shall take place at least two (2) days before the agreed appointment.
  • For more specific and detailed alignments, please contact the personal trainer directly or the CampusSport employees.


Borrowing sports equipment

Those who have paid the CampusSport sports fee can borrow different sports equipment. The borrowing period is max. three days. If you wish to borrow sports equipment, please contact info(a)campussport.fi.



CampusSport’s customers can buy massage services with affordable prices from massage therapists Juulia Niemi and Saku Hirmasto. You can book a massage on CampusSport’s online reservation system. The massage will be paid by cash or MobilePay when you have the appointment. Massage is offered at Sport Sirkka (Sirkkalankatu 13, Turku). For further information please contact the massage therapists: 050 469 3960 / Saku Hirmasto or 044 5665217 / Juulia Niemi.

Massage price list (only for CampusSport’s customers)

  • 30 min: 20€
  • 45 min: 25€
  • 60 min: 35€
  • 90 min: 45€

You have to cancel your appointment at the latest 24 hours beforehand or you need to pay the full price.