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A walk and cold water swimming 7 Feb 2023

Join the sports tutors for a walk and cold water swimming in Ruissalo on Tuesday 7 February 2023. We will leave for a walk from Saukkoranta’s sauna (Tammirannantie 39) at 6pm. You can come to the beach by bus. Take bus number 8 that leaves at 5.30pm from the market place (kauppatori). Sports tutors will also take the bus. They will be wearing CampusSport’s vests. If you do not want to join the walk, you can meet the group outside the sauna at approximately 7pm.

Some of the tutors will walk and some will jog calmly. You can choose which group you want to join. We will walk for about an hour. You can leave your swimming equipment in the sauna building before the walk. Participants will pay the sauna fee of 6€ at the ticket booth their selves. The sauna is open for other users as well during the event.

Wear clothes and shoes that are suitable for walking. Bring a water bottle, a bathing suit, a towel, a hat and if you want to, slippers to use when walking at the pier. If you have not been cold water swimming before, the tutors will tell you what do. You do not have to pay the CampusSport’s sports fee in order to participate.

CS 31.1.2023