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Answers to customer feedback autumn 2022

We did a customer feedback questionnaire at the end of the year. We received around 150 answers and want to thank everyone who answered! The average grade for CampusSport’s services was 4,19 (on a scale of 1-5). We have already taken some actions based on your suggestions. We have notified the cleaning companies that the cleaners should do their job more thoroughly. We have reminded the instructors to tell the participants at the beginning of each shift which equipment they need for the shift, where to get it from and where to return it. We have also discussed personally with the instructors who have gotten feedback about their shifts.

As we tend to do, we have answered some of the feedback. You can find the answers below. We are happy to receive feedback anytime. You can give us feedback, for example, by sending email to or leaving a message to the mailbox that is located next to the customer service desk at Educarium.

Would it be possible to get somebody from CampusSport at the gyms to help out with the equipment for example once a month?
Good news: this service already exists. CampusSport offers gym counseling once a week at every CampusSport gym. Gym counseling is included in the sports fee, it does not cost extra. You do not need to make a reservation in advance, you can just ask the counselor for help during the counseling hours. You can for example ask how the equipment works or if you are doing the movements right. The counselor wears a read CampusSport t-shirt. Gym counseling hours are listed on the page Gyms.

I’ve heard that the gyms are old-fashioned and crowded so I haven’t checked them out.
Aurum and Tyyssija gyms are new gyms in new buildings. We have opened both of them within the last 18 months. Most of the equipment in these gyms is also new. We recommend that you go and see for yourself. Gyms can be crowded at the beginning of the term but usually the situation eases with time. The most crowded hours are between 4 pm and 8 pm and the beginning of the week is more popular.

It’s always crowded at the gyms when I would have time to go. It would be great to have a bigger gym in the city center.
CampusSport has a limited budget. A new gym would increase the expenditure and would force us to raise the sports fees and we want to keep them affordable. During the past few years, we have invested a lot in the gyms and for that reason we will not open any new gyms in the near future. Our next goal is to get funding from the universities so that we could get a bigger and a more suitable sports hall to replace Sport Sirkka.

It would be great if you could get a skiing machine and a treadmill (where the user could produce the speed theirself) to Aurum. It would be nice to have a gym that is open 24/7.
Both machines are available at Tyyssija gym (SkiErg2 and HiitMill). We are not planning on getting the same equipment to Aurum. CampusSport wants to promote overall well-being, which includes sleep. Because our services are aimed at the students and staff members of the universities, we assume that our customers work or study during the days and sleep during the nights.

Tyyssija gym is horrible. The floors are slippery and there are no walls (just windows). Why are there no walls? It is super uncomfortable when people can see you from the outside. The equipment is also placed idiotically.
The glass walls and the floor material were chosen by the architect and the constructor. We suggested different materials, but changes were not made. We are not allowed to tape the windows. The company that delivered the equipment has planned the layout of the gym. We are happy to hear suggestions on how the equipment should be arranged.

It’s a bit funny that you have to confirm your place 10 minutes before the class, or otherwise you are not let in anymore. So although there would be free places, you cannot join the class if you don’t follow this rule. It’s okay if you are late, but why couldn’t you join if you arrive early enough? Is it the same with the instructors, aren’t they let it in either if they arrive late? It shouldn’t be a problem if someone arrives a few minutes after the class has started. I think you should be more flexible!
If you have made a reservation, the reservation must be confirmed at least 10 minutes before the class starts. Otherwise, you can arrive 1-10 minutes before the class starts if there are still free places and the customer service personnel believes you have enough time to get changed and get the equipment. The users must pick up the required equipment before the class starts. Especially at Educarium there might be plenty of participants and it might take several minutes to get the equipment from the storage. Those who arrive late are not let in the sports hall. Arriving late disturbs the instructor and other participants. It is also a safety issue. It might not be safe to move around and carry equipment in the sports hall where other people are already working out.

Would it be possible to stream 1-2 classes a week online?
Unfortunately, we are not able to do it in the facilities we have at the moment. We should be able to set up the streaming equipment so that it could stay there during other classes.

I hope you could offer classes that start already at 15.00 or 15.15. Some years ago, there was a HIIT class that was held at 15.15-15.45. It was a very good time! For a person who starts working already at 7 am, days are quite long when I need to wait for the classes that start later in the afternoon.
At Sport Sirkka the classes start at the latest at 3 pm every weekday. This spring we also added to the schedule a new class that starts already at 2 pm (Body class on Tuesdays at 14.00-14.50). These classes haven’t been too popular this far. If you would like to keep these early afternoon classes in the schedule, we recommend attending the classes so that we know that there is a real demand for them. Educarium’s sports hall is in CampusSport’s use only in the evenings and at the weekend. OKL (teacher education) has the privilege to use Educarium’s facilities during the daytime.

The best thing about the instructed classes has been the variety of the classes. I’m worried about your plans to cut out classes for the spring. I have understood that you are not going to offer those classes where there are fewer participants. In my opinion, it is very sad that you reduce your selection of sports based on the number of participants in the classes.
We didn’t cut out classes. Instead, we increased the number of the classes. The demand for the classes is so high that it is not possible to use the big sports hall for classes where there are few participants. We do want to offer a versatile selection of sports, but at the same time we want to make as many people as possible to exercise. Sometimes it means that we need give more slots for the most popular classes.

Most of the instructed classes are very nice and the instructors are great! However, if there is a substituting instructor, I hope you could you send a message or inform about the change on the reservation site.
For a bit over a year, we have informed about the changes of the schedule (including substituting instructors) in the Current news section on our website. To avoid confusion and mismatching information, we have decided to inform about the changes on our website only.

You should inform about the changes more on Jodel.
CampusSport doesn’t use Jodel as a communication channel. We are aware that there is a quite active @campussport channel on Jodel and we might read it every now and then, but it doesn’t have any official role. CampusSport does not inform about anything on Jodel and if you try to reach us that way to give feedback, we will probably not read it. If you have any feedback, please send us e-mail to or speak to one of our staff members in the sports facilities.

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