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CampusSport’s sports coordinators receive recognition from the Minister of Youth, Sport and Physical Activity

The Ministry of Education and Culture awarded crosses and medals of merit of Finnish sports to 30 student and university sports advocates. Among the recipients were three CampusSport’s sports coordinators. Medals of Merit were awarded to Petri Kuokkanen (University of Turku) and Maija Rihko (Turku University of Applied Sciences). Carl Myrberg (Åbo Akademi), who recently retired, was awarded with The Medal of Merit in silver with a golden cross.

Sandra Bergqvist, Finland’s Minister of Youth, Sport and Physical Activity, presented the medals of merit to the winners at the 100th anniversary celebrations of the The Finnish Student Sport Federation (OLL) on 13 April 2024. Congratulations OLL and thank you for a great celebration!

In the photo from the left Carl Myrberg, Petri Kuokkanen and Maija Rihko.