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Spring Boost campaign 2 Apr – 29 Apr

Is this a familiar situation in the springs: there are loads of deadlines but little energy? CampusSport’s Spring Boost campaign brightens the end of the spring semester!

How does Spring Boost work? Participate in at least six CampusSport’s sports shifts in April and get our brand new overall patch! You get a stamp from each sports shift that you participate. Collect stamps to a stamp card and switch the full card to a patch.


  • Campaign time is 2 April – 29 April 2024.
  • There is no separate participation fee but you need to have paid CampusSport’s sports fee in order to participate in the campaign.
  • There are not separate sports shifts during the campaign. Stamps can be collected from the shifts that are listed in the CampusSport sports schedule.
  • You need to collect six stamps from three different categories (dance, body maintenance, strength, ball sports, heart rate + combat). You do not get stamps from the ball sports shifts where there is no instructor or from gym visits.
  • Ask for the stamp after the shift from the customer service person. You cannot get a stamp later.
  • You can get the stamp card from the customer service in Educarium or Sport Sirkka during the customer service hours starting from 25 March 2024. Bring an identification card. You need to have a valid sports fee when you come to get your stamp card.
  • There is a limited amount of 500 stamp cards available (1 card / person).  Update 11 April 2024: there are still stamp cards available both in Educarium and Sport Sirkka.
  • After you have collected six stamps, switch the card to an overall patch in Educarium or Sport Sirkka during the customer service hours. You can get a patch between 22 April and 10 May 2024. After that it is not possible to get a patch. If you do not want an overall patch, an alternative prize is a CampusSport reflector.

Spring Boost is an excellent way to get going or try something new if you have not gone to the sports shifts as much as you planned or you always go to the same shifts. Even if you have not used our services before, it is not too late to start! You can pay the CampusSport sports fee for 30 days. The 30-day fee costs 21 euros for students and 26 euros for staff members. You can pay the fee at CampusSport’s online store.

Text Spring Boost and multiple colours in the background.