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Enrollment for courses with separate fees has started

Enrollment for the courses that start in January-February has started. Courses are not included in the sports fee, they have a separate fee. You can enroll in courses by paying the course fee at the online store of CampusSport. You do not need to pay CampusSport’s sports fee in order to participate in courses. Last day to enroll to courses is 22 January 2023. In addition, there will be a few more courses with separate fees which start in March-April. These courses will be published in February.

These courses will start in January-February:

Adult ballet for beginners
On Tuesdays 31 January-28 February 2023 (5 times) at 8pm-9pm. Price: 42€. In this course we learn the basic exercises of ballet on the bar, floor and by moving around the space. Enroll here:

Fitness boxing technique
On Mondays 30 January-20 March 2023 (8 times) at 8.00pm-8.50pm. Price: 44€. During this course we will go through the basic techniques of boxing. Fitness boxing is an efficient and safe form of exercise. In the training, we use e.g. focus mitts and boxing bags. Enroll here:

Fusion belly dance
On Thursdays 2 February-2 March 2023 (5 times) at 8pm-9pm. Price: 38€. Fusion belly dance is inspired by the traditional dances of the MENAHT countries (Middle East, North Africa, Hellenic, Turkish) and street dance styles. Enroll here:

On Wednesdays 1 February-1 March 2023 (5 times) at 6pm-7pm. Price: 27€. Judo is a Japanese combat sport. In the course we go through the basics of the sport. Enroll here:

Kickboxing advanced
On Fridays 3 February-24 March 2023 (8 times) at 6pm-7.30pm. Price: 46€. Kickboxing is a combat sport developed from karate and boxing. We will concentrate on longer hitting and kicking series. Enroll here:

Pole dancing for beginners (this course is full)

Course descriptions, timetables and prices are listed in the schedule (select tab “courses”).

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