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Free trial period 4 Sep – 17 Sep 2023

CampusSport’s sports shifts start on Monday 4 Sep 2023! You can try all the shifts listed in the sports schedule for free between 4 Sep and 17 Sep. NB! All shifts in Normaalikoulu’s secondary school’s hall are cancelled 8 Sep – 22 Sep 2023, because the sports hall is in the school’s own use.

All the gyms can be used free of charge on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 pm until 7 pm between 4 Sep and 17 Sep. There is a sports tutor at the gym during these times.

During the free trial period, reservations for the shifts are not in use and the shifts will work on a first come, first served basis. Please read some more detailed information below.

– When you arrive at the sports facility, inform CampusSport’s attendant which shift you would like to attend. They will tell you if there are still free places.

The maximum number of people for the shifts:

  • Educarium’s sports hall: 50-60 people
  • Educarium’s gymnastics hall: 20 people
  • Educarium’s ball sports shifts: 18-25 people
  • Sport Sirkka: 20-25 people, Bike classes 30 people
  • Normaalikoulu’s ball sports shifts: 16-18 people
  • Caribia’s water sports: 30 people
  • Badminton: 12 people (badminton for beginners), 12-20 people (badminton) or 3-5 fields (badminton field)
  • Padel: 12 people

– During the free trial weeks, we start giving out places to shifts one hour before the shift starts. Please don’t come to queue for a place before that. On the first shifts of the day, we start giving out places 30 minutes before the shift starts. Based on the experience from previous years, most of the shifts during the free trial period are not full so it should be enough if you arrive 20-30 minutes before the shift starts.

– Arrive at the sports location at least 10 minutes before the shift starts so that you have enough time to get the equipment. The doors will be locked when the shift starts. If you are late, you can’t join the shift anymore.

– All the equipment used during the shifts is available in the sports halls. You only need to bring clothes that are suitable for exercising, indoor shoes, a water bottle, and a sweat towel.

– If you are visiting the sports facilities for the first time, it is a good idea to check the instructions on how to arrive and the photo of the entrance on the page Facilities.