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Address: Assistentinkatu 5, Turku

Opening hours: gym and sports halls have separate opening hours

Gym opening hours: Mon – Fri 7.00-22.00, Sat – Sun 10.00-22.00 (entry until 21.30)
Sports halls opening hours: only during the shifts listed in the schedule

Services: gym, sports hall, gymnastics hall
Dressing rooms and showers: Gendered dressing rooms with showers. A unisex dressing room without a shower. The accessible toilet in the Educarium library hall can be used as a single occupant dressing room.
Lockers: There are bigger lockers (enough room for a backpack) next to the gym. Some of the lockers have a deposit lock that can be locked after inserting a 50-cent coin. For other lockers, you need to bring your own padlock or borrow one from the sports service counter.
Instructions: Entrance from the square, on the right-hand side of the bicycle stands. The sports facilities and the customer service desk are located on the ground floor.
Customer service hours: see the page Contact

Gym counseling: Gym counseling service is on a summer break and will continue on 2 September 2024.
Exceptions in opening hours:

Gym description: The gym at Educarium is suitable for all muscle tone training. At the gym you can find the most common gym equipment as well as equipment suitable for aerobic training and warm-up. Gym’s equipment include a squat rack, a bench rack, a leg press, an upper cable crossover, resistance rubber straps and machines for warming up.

We require that all our customers follow CampusSport’s gym etiquette (pdf) at the gyms.