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Regular shifts of summer 2024: tennis courts and sports halls

The application period for summer’s regular shifts concerning the tennis courts and sports halls begins in the week 13. A regular shift is your own group’s shift that takes place at the same time every week. The application period starts on Mon 25 March at 9am. The last day to apply is Sun 7 April.

One person can apply for max. two tennis and two sports hall shifts. The shifts will be confirmed by e-mail after the application period has ended. You do not need to pay CampusSport’s sports fee in order to apply for a shift. All staff members and students of the universities in Turku can apply. 50% of the players on the shifts must be from the universities in Turku.

The application period for regular badminton shifts starts after mid-April. We will give out information about the regular badminton shifts later.

Regular shifts in the tennis courts

CampusSport has two tennis courts at the University of Turku’s premises near Educarium (Assistentinkatu 5, Turku). The length of the tennis season is approximately from May to September. Apply for a regular tennis shift via CampusSport’s electronic reservation system.

Prices (one hour weekly regular shift)

Day shift at 8am–9pm
with participation in the voluntary work 76 € / season
without participation in the voluntary work 98 € / season

Evening shift at 9pm–11pm
with participation in the voluntary work 50 € / season
without participation in the voluntary work 82 € / season

How to apply

  1. Go to and select “reserve a class”.
  2. Log in with your university’s HAKA code.
  3. Select “Vakiovuorot” (regular shifts) as the branch.
  4. Select “Liikuntavuorot/Sports classes” as the type.
  5. Search week that starts 29 April in the calendar
  6. Select the time at which you wish to book a regular tennis shift.

There will be changes in the regular shift schedule in weeks 38-39 due to CampusSport’s tennis tournament. Voluntary work for tennis court maintenance will take place in the end of April or beginning of May. The date will be confirmed later. You will be asked whether you participate in the voluntary work when you get the confirmation e-mail.

Regular shifts in the sports halls

Summer’s regular shift season takes place Thu 2 May – Sat 31 August 2024. There are shifts available in Iskeri, Educarium and Sport Sirkka. The addresses and space descriptions are available on the page Facilities for rent. Apply for a regular shift in a sports hall via email. Please note that regular shifts are cancelled on midweek holidays.

Shifts are available:
in Iskeri on weekdays at 8am-10pm
in Educarium on weekends at 10am-10pm
in Sport Sirkka on weekdays at 8am-3pm and at 8pm-10pm as well as on weekends at 8am-10pm

Prices (one hour weekly regular shift)

Iskeri (495 m²) 289 € / season
Educarium whole hall (726 m²) 731 € / season
Educarium sports hall (506 m²) 544 € / season
Sport Sirkka (170 m²) 219 € / season

How to apply

Send an email to with the subject “Summer’s regular shift”. Tell when and in which sports hall you want to have a regular shift. You can also give 1-2 back up options in case the time you would like to have is not available.

After the application period, you can still apply for a tennis or a sports hall shift by sending an e-mail to