Other services

On this page you will find information about
– Personal trainer services
– Borrowing sports equipment
– Massage

Personal trainer services

Those who have paid the CampusSport sports fee have the opportunity to purchase personal trainer services at an affordable price. Services are available as individual appointments, for pairs and for small groups (3–6 people). An appointment lasts 45–60 minutes. The personal trainers of CampusSport are Jarkko Mäkinen, Ville Suominen, Jani Rantala, Anni Toivanen, Anna Lilja and Hanna Pihlajamaa. In order to book an appointment, please contact our trainers directly. Get to know our personal trainers and find their contact information here.

1 appointment for one person: 30/40€ (student/member of staff)
1 appointment for two people: 50€
1 appointment for a group (3-6 people): 80€

Terms and conditions of use:
The services are intended only for the students and staff members of higher education institutions in Turku.
The customer has to have paid the CampusSport sports fee.
An appointment lasts 45–60 minutes according to the customer’s need.
The appointments are intended for the paying customer only. The appointments cannot be handed over to someone else.
Cancellations have to be made at least two (2) days before the agreed appointment.

Borrowing sports equipment

Those who have paid the CampusSport sports fee can borrow sports equipment free of charge. The borrowing period is max. three days. If you wish to borrow sports equipment, please contact info(a)campussport.fi. Click here for a full list of equipment that you can borrow.


CampusSport’s customers can buy massage services with affordable prices from massage therapists Saku Hirmasto, Teemu Jääskeläinen and Juulia Niemi. You can book a massage on CampusSport’s online reservation system. You can pay the massage when you arrive by cash or MobilePay. Cancellations must be made 24 hours before the appointment or you will be charged the full amount. Massage is offered at Sport Sirkka (Sirkkalankatu 13, Turku). For further information please contact the massage therapists: 050 469 3960 / Saku Hirmasto, 045 861 6999 / Teemu Jääskeläinen or 044 5665217 / Juulia Niemi.

30 min: 20€
45 min: 25€
60 min: 35€
90 min: 45€