Student athletes and sponsored shifts

Sponsorship for student athletes
Student athletes studying in a degree program in one if the higher education institutes in Turku are eligible to apply for monetary support for covering costs of competition trips. The funding can be applied by individual athletes or teams.

The grounds from which sponsorships are granted and amount of grant:
Class 1.) Universiad, World Championship, European Championship and other international competitions
• 150€ / student for individual athletes
• 400€ / team for team ports

Class 2.) Students Finnish Championship, SELL Student Games, Students Nordic Championship
• 50€ / student for individual athletes
• 200€ / team for team sports

CampusSport grants are to be applied before leaving for the competition. When applying, the student athlete/team must present an estimate of the overall cost of participating in the competition, and provide information on any other forms of funding they might be receiving. In the case that CampusSport is unable to fund all who applied, athletes competing on an international level (Class 1) are given priority. 

Sponsored regular shifts
Groups are able to apply for a free regular shift from CampusSport’s facilities for a justifiable reason. Every academic year there are five free one hour shifts available. These can be applied for in May-June, when the official application of regular shifts (sports halls and badminton) has ended. If all the shifts are not reserved, applications are welcomed year round.
The sponsored activity has to be in line with CampusSport’s values and be permitted in the facilities. Examples of groups who have got a sponsored shift are student musical theatre productions and Team Rynkeby –cycling group. As a recompense for the sponsorships CampusSport should get some positive publicity in a way separately agreed with the sponsored group.

If you are interested in applying for sponsorship, contact