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Apply to become a sports tutor for the academic year 2024-2025

Recruitment of sports tutors for the academic year of 2024-2025 takes place 8 April-28 April 2024. Apply by filling a form: (Visit an external site. The link opens in a new tab.)

What is a sports tutor?

Sports tutors are part of CampusSport’s low-threshold services that aim at making exercising as approachable as possible. Tutor is a peer exerciser, a student who encourages other students to exercise. You do not have to be an expert or a professional athlete, it is enough that you are interested in sports.

What do sports tutors do?

Tutors encourage the students and staff members of the universities in Turku to exercise. They:

  • inspire new students to become CampusSport members: show them our facilities and introduce our services in events
  • work as sports buddies
  • facilitate tutors’ own weekly Just for fun shift
  • organize events and try outs
  • are CampusSport ambassadors in their universities
  • help out with the courses and competitions

In addition, those tutors who are interested in communication can make introductions of CampusSport’s shifts to our Instagram account.

More information about the sports tutors on page Sports tutors.

Rewards and responsibilities

Being a sports tutor is voluntary work and our tutors do not get paid. Tutors get a free CampusSport membership and they can participate in our courses and team competitions for free. Also as a sports tutor you will learn new skills and get experience in organising events.

Tutoring season lasts for an academic year. The busiest time is from late August to early October and it is important that you are available during that time. Tutors need to do 40 hours of tutoring during the academic year. In addition, tutors are required to participate in a 5-hour training in spring 2024. First part of the training takes place on Tue 14 May at 4.30-7pm. The other part of the training will be done independently before the autumn season begins.

Group picture of the sports tutors of the academic year 2023-2024