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Billiards with the sports tutors

Come and play billiards with the sports tutors! If you’re not familiar with the game you will learn how to play in good company. If you already have some experience, you can challenge the sports tutors.

We will play at Galaxie Center (Eerikinkatu 30) on Tuesday 14 March at 7pm-9pm. Cost for one table per hour is 10€ (9€ with student discount). The cost of the table is shared with the players. This way, the price of the two-hour event is at the most 10€/person (9€ for students). Take your student id with you. You do not have to pay the CampusSport’s sports fee in order to participate. No need to enroll in advance, just come to Galaxie. Tutors will be wearing CampusSport’s t-shirts. When it comes to CampusSport, this is an alcohol free event but note that the bar is open for other customers too.

CS 1.3.2023