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CampusSport’s gyms will re-open

CampusSport’s gyms are open normally starting from 10 Jan 2021. The rulings made by the Regional State Administrative Agency on 29 Dec 2021 have been cancelled by the administrative court and therefore we are able to re-open the gyms.

The limitations in the amount of people allowed in to the gyms as well as the special arrangements in the sports facilities are the same than in December 2021. There can be max. 10 people at the other gyms at the same time, 20 in Aurum. At Educarium and Aurum gyms the reservation system is in use. At Formis and Roddis gyms there are no reservations. If you arrive at the gym and there are already 10 people there, you must wait until someone leaves before entering the gym.

All our customers need to follow these rules so that we can make sure that exercising in our sports halls and gyms is safe for everyone:
– Do not come to exercise if you are ill.
– Clean the equipment after use with disinfectant and paper towels.
– You need to wear a mask in the changing rooms and corridors. Wear a mask also during the workout, if possible.
Please get to know all the instructions on this piece of news.

CS 10.1.2022