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Courses with separate fees in online store on 16 Oct 2023

CampusSport offers approximately 10 short courses with separate fees every semester. You can attend the courses without paying the CampusSport sports fee, in case you do not want to use other CampusSport services. You can enrol in the courses by paying the course fee at the online store of CampusSport.

The course fees can be paid starting from 16 October 2023 at 2pm. The courses begin in week 45. The last day to enrol to these courses is 29 October.

Courses that begin in week 45:

Aerial acrobatics for beginners
Adult ballet for beginners
Breaststroke swimming technique
Gym training for beginners
Pole dancing for advanced beginners

Course descriptions and dates are available on the page Courses.

Please note that everyone has to make the enrolment and pay the course fee personally.  If the minimum number of participants in a course is not reached, the course is cancelled and the paid course fees are returned. The participants will get a verification on whether the course will take place at the latest three working days before the course starts.

Course enrolments are binding and they cannot be cancelled. Course fees are reimbursed only in cases of illness against a medical certificate in case the customer misses more than half of the course meetings.