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Cycling competition Kilometrikisa

A cycling competition called Kilometrikisa is a fun and relaxed cycling competition for enterprises, workplaces, societies etc. The aim of the competition is to collect as a team as many cycling kilometres and minutes as possible. Competition time is 1 May – 22 Sep 2022. CampusSport has signed up a team for the students and staff members of the higher education institutions in Turku. Come and join us!

The organizers will raffle off some prizes among all participants and the best teams will get their awards after the competition is over. In addition, CampusSport raffles off a free membership for the autumn 2022 among all the active participants who join the CampusSport team.

You can register for the competition on (Visit an external site. The link opens in a new tab.). The team code to join CampusSport’s team is campussport2022.

Unfortunately, the website is only in Finnish. If you want to join the competition and need help with the translation, please send us e-mail to

CS 22.4.2022