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Address: Henrikinkatu 2, Turku

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 6.00-23.00 (entry until 22.30)

Services: gym
Dressing rooms and showers: Gendered dressing rooms with showers. Unisex single occupant dressing rooms with showers.
Lockers: There are lockers that can be locked with a key at the gym. The key is in the locker door and you do not need a coin to use the locker. There are electronic lockers opposite the gym and in the dressing rooms. The lockers can be locked and opened with an electronic code that the user sets themselves. The locker will open automatically 8 hours after it has been locked. Lockers have enough room for a backpack.
Instructions: The gym is in the basement of the building and you get there through the door that is on the left side of the building’s main entrance.
Customer service hours: no customer service

Gym counseling: Gym counseling service is on a summer break and will continue on 2 September 2024.
Exceptions in opening hours:

Gym description: Aurum gym is suited for all workout. There is a lot of free floor space for functional training. There are also a lot equipment suitable for functional training, such as a punching bag, a battle rope, a boxmaster boxing device and a TRX. In addition there are equipment and free weights for muscle tone training. For aerobic training there are two treadmills, a crosstrainer, a rowing machine and two spinning bikes.

We require that all our customers follow CampusSport’s gym etiquette (pdf) at the gyms.