Reservation rules

The free trial period is over which means that the reservation system is now in use. Please pay attention to the change we have made: it is possible to make cancellations at the latest 2 hours before the class / shift starts. It means that if you book a queue slot, you can get a place from the queue as late as 2 hours before the class / shift starts. Remember to check your e-mails!

Here are the rules concerning reservations:
– 70% of available places in each class can be pre-reserved through the electronic reservation system. The remaining places are available on a first come, first served basis. Badminton and padel are exceptions: all courts / places can be reserved in advance. When signing up for a queuing place, the queue only applies for places available for advance reservation.
– Advance registration is not in use for the following services: morning classes, Just for fun, Outdoor Workout, Stair Workout, independent shift at Sport Sirkka.
– Customers can reserve a place on CampusSport’s weekly classes 7 days before the class.
– You need to make a reservation at the latest 30 minutes before the class or shift starts.
– The reservation shall be confirmed at the self-service terminal (touch screen) in the sports facility at least 10 minutes before the class starts. If the reservation is not confirmed, the place will be released to other users. NB! You need a tag to be able to confirm the reservation. Remember to activate your tag before before attending your first class / shift.
– Two uncancelled or unconfirmed reservations lead to an automatic two-week reservation ban.
– In case of hindrance, reservations shall be cancelled in the electronic system at least 2 hours before the class starts. Also those, who get a place from the queue, shall cancel the reservation at least 2 hours before the class starts. If you have already made other plans or can’t follow if you get a notification about receiving a place, you shall cancel your queue slot.
– Every customer can have up to four (4) reservations and five (5) queue slots at the same time.

Exceptions concerning Aurum and Educarium gyms (updated 18 Oct 2021):
At Educarium and Aurum gyms the reservation system is in use and the number of people is limited. At Educarium there can be max. 10 people at the gym at the same time, at Aurum 25. If there are places available on the touch screen, you can take one of them without making a reservation in advance. Note that people who have made reservations can come to the shift after it has started, and their reservations will be valid until end of the shift. This means that you can check if there are available places only on the touch screen, you cannot count the number of people who are in the gym. You have to leave the workout area by the time your reservation ends. At Aurum and Educarium gyms you need to sign in to the shifts by using the key

CS 22.9.2021