CampusSport Cup


CampusSport Cup consists of several team games, each of which produces points according to the placing. As the season closes, the team with the highest number of points becomes CampusSport Champion. If more than one team has the same number of points, the rankings shall be determined as follows:

  1. The number of tournament wins
  2. The number of tournaments played
  3. The average of tournament rankings
  4. The teams play one game in a sport determined by the arranging party through drawing of lots. The winning team wins the whole league.

The Cup points shall be gathered according to rankings as follows:

  1. the number of attending teams + 7
  2. the number of attending teams + 4
  3. the number of attending teams + 2
  4. the number of attending teams
  5. this and lower rankings shall gain one point less than the previous one higher in ranking

The scoring encourages teams to attend as many tournaments as possible and ensures that winning a tournament provides a tangible benefit for the team.

If a tournament involves several series (student/staff/amateur/competition), the scoring shall be based on the number of participants in that series. In case there are separate amateur and competition series, coefficient 1.5 shall be applied to the competition series scoring.

There will be a racket sports division in the season 2019-2020. Only two player tournaments will participate in the racket sports divison.

Sports played in the CampusSport Cup are listed in the tab Sports. Team games are part of CampusSport Cup and racket sports part of racket sports division.

Scores of CampusSport Cup 2019-2020

Team Sports

Scores of CampusSport Cup 2019-2020

  1. SF-Klubben 28 points
  2. Functio Laesa 21,5 pointis
  3. Kemistien Raittiusseura 21 points

Racquet Sports

CampusSport Cup 2019-2020 raqcuet sports

  1. Aleksi Tikkanen 16 points
  2. Petri Sjöblom 13 points
  3. Marco Brassachio 11 points


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