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Answers to customer feedback

We did a customer feedback questionnaire in December 2021. We received around 200 answers and want to thank everyone who answered! The average grade for CampusSport’s services was 4,21 (on a scale of 1-5). We have already made some changes based on your suggestions. The log bar has been removed from Roddis to Aurum. We have notified the cleaning companies that the cleaners should do their job more thoroughly. We will update the substituting instructors to the piece of news on our website.

As we tend to do, we have answered some of the feedback. You can find the answers below. Some of the feedback we get is similar every year, and we might not answer again. We have collected these frequently asked questions and their answers in the FAQ section on our website.

We always need to wait for long to get the sports schedule for the next semester. I would like to make some other plans for the next year, but I can’t since I don’t know when the classes I don’t want to miss will be held.
The technical features of our website do not allow to show the schedules of the autumn and spring semester at the same time. That is why the spring schedule will not be published until the autumn semester has finished.

In the autumn, I wanted to book a massage, but there were no appointments available. I think CampusSport can’t advertise massage appointments if no one can book them. Massage is a nice benefit, but is it available for real?
Unfortunately, in the autumn there were only a few massage appointments available each month since there was only one massage therapist who could offer appointments. We tried to recruit new massage therapists already in the autumn, but our two new massage therapists were able to start just in February. Now there is a lot more massage appointments available and there are a lot of options to choose from in the reservation system.

I like that there is a reservation system at the gyms due to Covid, and it is nice to train when the gyms are not too busy. I like to train for more than 1.5 hours so is it possible to book two shifts in a row or some extra time, for example half an hour?
It is not possible to book an extra half an hour but booking two shifts in a row is allowed. However, we hope that the gym slots are used entirely if possible since there are a lot of people who would like to book gym shifts. Also, bear in mind that you need to confirm each shift separately on the touch screen.

CampusSport would have a lot of potential, but the facilities and the service does not serve efficient workout. Some of the gyms are too busy and some very small. ASA gym is not in use to make other gyms less busy, which raises questions.
CampusSport has moved out permanently from ASA last summer when the Aurum gym was opened. We have informed you about this on our website. The opening of the Tyyssija gym, which will happen hopefully in March, will bring some more space for gym goers.

When CS announced on Instagram that reservations are not in use at smaller gyms (30 Aug), many people commented that it might not be a good idea. Still nothing changed which was a pity.
The gym reservations seem to divide opinions. Some people really like them and some not. That is why we asked for your opinion of the reservations when we made the feedback survey in the autumn. We get feedback through different channels and the most popular way is e-mail. Therefore, it is not possible to see the big picture through the comments on social media channels. We are grateful for each feedback we get, so whether it is positive or negative feedback, please contact us the way that is the most suitable for you.

It would be helpful for everyone, if your customer service could cancel reservations when I cannot do it myself any longer. At least you could say it clearly that it is not possible to cancel the reservation when there is less than two hours until the start of the shift.
Reservations shall be cancelled at least 2 hours before the class starts so that people in the queue still have time to react if they get a place from the queue. After the time limit, cancellations cannot be made even by email or phone. We have added this clarification to our terms of use.

CS 21.2.2022