Answers to customer feedback

CampusSport made a feedback survey after the autumn semester 2018 and we received around 300 answers. We thank all the contributors! We were happy to find out that those who answered gave CampusSport a grade 4,20 (on the scale 1-5). We have read all the feedback and will develop our services based on the answers, but we once again wanted to give some answers to the feedback in public too. The next feedback survey will be carried out after the spring semester, but you can always give us feedback also by e-mail

It makes me confused that some classes were cancelled due to low participation rates. Is it so that the selection of sports is not planned in a way that pays attention to what classes are the most popular?
It is said in CampusSport’s terms of use that CampusSport reserves the right for permanent and/or temporary changes in the schedule. It is not economically possible to arrange classes for only a couple of people. We want to renew and try out different sports to find out if they could become as popular as Bike and Pump classes are. The most popular classes (Pump, Bike) are already held almost daily and we don’t think it is necessary to give more time slots for these classes.

I would like to have better dance classes at Educarium.
If your “better” means more challenging and choreographic classes, we have made a conscious choice to arrange these classes at Sport Sirkka where mirrors are available.

I would like to have more classes starting at 3 pm or 4 pm.
We offer instructed classes starting from 2 pm at Sport Sirkka Mon-Fri. At Educarium we cannot offer early afternoon classes as the sports hall is reserved for OKL’s (teacher studies) purposes during day time.

Why do Sport Sirkka’s dance classes get the worst times in the schedule? Couldn’t you just arrange other classes elsewhere so that Sport Sirkka could be used for dancing?
Planning the sports schedule is quite complicated, because instructors have their own schedules and the sports facilities are not in CampusSport’s use 24/7. It is not a conscious choice that dance classes are arranged so early; it just happened to be so that dance teachers were able to instruct at these times. Dedicating Sport Sirkka only for dancing is not possible as we don’t have any other facility for those “other classes”. We are not aiming to be a dance studio – our mission is to offer versatile selection of sports.

It is a shame that Ruiskatu is not in use anymore and there are no new options for swimming. A couple of classes at Caribia cannot replace it.
We have searched for the possible pool alternatives in Turku and Caribia was the only possibility. Using Caribia’s pool is so expensive that we cannot buy more pool time if we don’t want to start charging an extra fee for water sports. Did you know that CampusSport’s members will get a discount price at Turun uimahalli which is located in the campus area?

It would be great to have one big gym near the university instead of many small ones.
There will be major changes in CampusSport’s facilities around 2020-2021 when new gyms replace the old ones. We will inform you about these changes later on when we are allowed to do that.

Sport Sirkka’s lightning could be developed so that it would be possible to adjust lights and create more pleasant atmosphere.
It is possible already! Please tell your wish straight to the instructor.

Drains smell in Sport Sirkka’s dressing room. Can you fix it?
We are aware of the problem and have contacted the property maintenance several times to get it fixed. They have done their best, but the smell seems to be coming back every now and then. We keep working to get it eliminated permanently.

The dressing rooms at Educarium are too small. They get crowded when there is only 10 minutes break between the classes and the participants from both of the classes are in the dressing rooms at the same time. Could the break between classes be prolonged?
If the breaks between classes were prolonged, it would mean one less class every day. It is not possible as the amount of people who have paid the sports fee is high and we want to offer daily as many classes as possible in order to offer as many people as possible the chance to participate. We recommend to arrive at the sports facility 15-20 minutes before the class starts. Then you have enough time to get changed before the previous group comes to the changing room and it also allows you enough time to get the equipment ready before the class starts. We also want to remind that at Educarium there is a third women’s changing room at the end of the corridor, which is usually less crowded.

It would be good to have mirrors at Educarium!
Unfortunately it is not possible, as the sports hall is used for ball sports too.

It is disturbing if there is a noisy class next to a quiet one at Educarium.
We have made some changes in the schedule for the spring semester to avoid this situation.

There should be beginners’ classes during the whole week, not only at the beginning of the week.
In the sports schedule, there are beginners’ classes (level 1 classes) almost every day. The classes, which are suitable for beginners, are listed on our website on page Start exercising.

It would be nice to have classes where you could get to know people and make friends.
Here we would like to quote customer feedback: Parkour and futsal classes are really fun and they motivate a lazy person to exercise. The important part in these classes is the social part and the great instructors. These classes really brighten up my depressed mind and the instructors have a key role, because they make sure that people learn to know each other’s names and communicate with each other.

Are there any videos of the gyms? I’m too afraid to go to the gym, because I don’t anything about the equipment and what to do with them.
Our trainee made videos of CampusSport’s gyms in 2016 and they can be found on YouTube: However, please note that we have renewed the gyms after filming and the opinions are the person’s own opinions, not CampusSport’s. We recommend utilising CampusSport’s gym guidings, which are arranged once a week at each gym. Our gym instructors are happy to help with the equipment. You can find the schedule for gym instructions here:

Stop giving free merchandise and concentrate on the quality of the services and Internet marketing. You should hire instructors who are in a good shape.
CampusSport aims to reach especially people who are not that used to exercising. Internet marketing is a good way to reach people, but it is not enough. The merchandise we give out have been chosen so that people can really use them, also while doing sports (reflectors, water bottles), and the amount of money we use for them is so small that it no impact on the quality of the sports services. We have certain criteria for instructors we hire. In the classes, they are instructing, not doing their own workout. If the instructor does not do all the movements, it does not mean that they are not in a good enough shape, but they concentrate on customers, which is their job. CampusSport has over 100 weekly sports classes so we recommend try out different classes and instructors open-mindedly so that you will find the most suitable options for yourself.