CampusSport Cup

CampusSport Cup is a series of tournaments that consists of CampusSport’s own competitions and lasts for the whole season. Cup is divided into team sports (football, bubble football, volleyball, floorball, rinkball, dodgeball, ice hockey, basketball, futsal, floorball/sähly, Finnish baseball and indoor soccer) and singles racket sports (tennis, racket ball, badminton and table tennis). Other individual and doubles sports aren’t part of CampusSport Cup.

The teams participating in CampusSport Cup gain points according to their placing in each tournament. Champion of the cup is the team that has most points at the end of the season. The way the points are counted encourages teams to participate in as many tournaments as possible.

Cup points are counted as follows:
1. place: number of the teams participating in the tournament + 7
2. place: number of the teams participating in the tournament + 4
3. place: number of the teams participating in the tournament + 2
4. place: number of the teams participating in the tournament
5. place and lower: team gets one point less than the team situated one place higher

If there are more than one series (students/staff/amateur/competition) in the tournament, the counting of the points is based on the amount of participants in the series in question. If there are both amateur and competition series, the points in the competition series will be multiplied by 1,5.

If the teams have same amounts of points, the placings will be determined as follows:
1. place: amount of tournament winnings
2. place: amount of tournaments the team participated in
3. place: the average of tournament placings
4. place: teams will play one game in a sport raffled by the organizers and the winner of the competition wins the entire series

Scores of CampusSport Cup 2019-2020

Team Sports

Functio Laesa win the CampusSport Cup

Scores of CampusSport Cup 2019-2020

  1. Functio Laesa 77,5 points
  2. T-Klubi Predators 50 points
  3. SF-Klubben 44 points

Racket Sports

Max Andersson is the Champion of CampusSport Cup -Racket Sports

CampusSport Cup -tilanne 2019-2020 Racket Sports

  1. Max Andersson 20 points
  2. Kevin Johnson 17 points
  3. Aleksi Tikkanen 16 points

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