Our personal trainers

Jarkko Mäkinen
Contact: jarkkomail@gmail.com
Education: PhD in Educational Sciences, Coaching Specialist Qualification
Background: I work for the national Olympic Committee as a Youth Olympic Coach. Besides competition oriented coaching, I am specialised on stretching, functional training, power training and endurance training. When I work as a Personal Trainer, I always aim at finding the best possible solution for the individual. I believe that the best results will be achieved, when the excercises feel both useful and convenient.
Expertise: learning, motivation, top sport, testing, gym training, body-weight training, nutrition and well being.

Ville Suominen
Contact: villesuom@gmail.com / 040-753 8435 (call weekdays at 10.00-12.00 or 19.00-21.00)
Education: Coaching degree
Background: Professional athlete for 10 years (road cycling). Since 2013 working as a professional coach in Finland and USA. My clients are track runners, football players, referees, hockey players, fitness athletes.
Expertise: Plyometrics, strength training

Anni Toivanen
Contact: anni@uittamonkuntosali.fi / 0504323280
Education: Trainer4You personal trainer, SUH swimming and water exercise instructor, Trainer4You yoga instructor, Spartan Gear instructor (body maintenance and recovery, kettlebell). I am training to become a massage therapist in Hieronta-akatemia.
Background: I have a competitive swimming background and I started working as a swimming teacher in 2009. After that I have gradually started to exercise also on dry land. When I was 12 years old my former swimming coach took the team to a gym to do off season training. I wasn’t a sporty child but training at the gym felt like the right form of exercising for me. I like gym training because it is possible to tailor the workout to meet the needs of every individual. At the moment I work as a gym entrepreneur, personal trainer and swimming instructor. I also hold instructed workout classes.
Expertise: In the past years, I have coached many people who have noticed the effects of sitting down a lot in their bodies. My speciality is a comprehensive gym workout that improves the general well-being. I am approachable and it is easy to start exercising with my help. I will be happy to work as a swimming instructor too.

Anna Lilja
Contact: aiklil@utu.fi
Education: Master of Social Sciences, FAF Foundation, FAF Gym Instructor, FAF Personal Trainer, Äitiysliikunta akatemia Work out during pregnancy and motherhood level 1, Les Mills BodyBalance instructor, synchronized skating coach level 1 and figure skating coach level 1.
Background: I work as group fitness instructor and personal trainer. I have also worked as synchronized skating coach. I started to train at gym 10 years ago. Exercise has always been my passion and I like to help you to find joy of it too.
Expertise: Lifestyle changes, weight loss, nutrition, muscle growth, mobility. Moterhood training during pregnancy and after childbirth. I use Syke Tribe -application. With application you get your exercise programs in your mobile.

 Hanna Pihlajamaa
Contact: fysioterapeutti.hanna@gmail.com, www.fysioterapeuttihanna.com
Education: physical therapist AMK 2004, FAF Gym Instructor 2006, World Kettlebell Club Fitness Trainer 2011, PhysioTrainer (FIHF Personal Trainer) 2018.
Background: I have been working as a physical therapist in various organizations for 15 years. I am specialized in problems related to the musculoskeletal system, and I will start specialization studies in sports physiotherapy in 2020. At Turku University, I have instructed various group exercise sessions and rehab courses for the personnel during several years. In the autumn of 2018 I became a trained PhysioTrainer. It gave me a broader professional competence and made it possible to take rehabilitation and prevention of ailments from the treatment room to the customers’ real life and hobbies. When rehabilitating my own ailments I have concretely learned that motion is medicine!
Expertise: Starting exercise, observation of ailments related to the musculoskeletal system, rehabilitation, posture, prevention and treatment of seated employees’ ailments, muscle condition, mobility and holistic approach.

Henri Hujala
Contact: info@budjettihiiri.fi
Education: sports instructor from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences
Background: I work as an entrepreneur in the economy and physical coaching area. My biggest interest is the overall well-being. I grew up in the countryside where I used to do physical work so a sporty lifestyle has always been part of me.
Expertise: beginners, ball sport players, runners, lifestyle changes, bodyweight training