CampusSport’s sports tutors are our members who want to encourage students to exercise.

– introduce our services in events
– help out with the courses and competitions
– work as sports buddies
– organize events and excursions
– are CampusSport ambassadors in their universities

If you would like to have a sports buddy or make a suggestion for an event, please contact our sports tutors by sending an email to tutors(at)campussport.fi


CampusSport’s sports tutors 2019-2020:

Alina Torbunova
Anniina Salomäki
Dado Tokic
Emmi Lehtinen
Christel Vialén
Hoa Nguyen
Inka Keskikylä
Janika Surakka
Jasmin Slimani
Jaspreet Pannu
Jenna Siltala
Magdalena Hyttinen
Mirella Laine
Nea Tulonen
Sachin Kochrekar
Senthil Palani
Tuuli Kavén
Uruj Sarwar