Start exercising

Are you about to start exercising? Or planning to continue exercising after a long break? This page will help you in getting started. If you need personal sports advising, you can contact us by email at info(a) Information about how to purchase the sports fee can be found on Info page.

Instructed classes

CampusSport classes are divided into levels from 1 to 3, depending on how challenging the class is. You can check the level of each class from the class description. For beginners, we recommend especially the following classes, which are easier and/or shorter.

Mon 15.00, Sport Sirkka: Deep stretching
Mon 16.00, Educarium: Staff posture power (only for staff members!)
Mon 17.00, Sport Sirkka: Easytraining
Mon 17.00, Educarium: Core
Tue 8.00, Sport Sirkka: FasciaMethod
Tue 14.00, Sport Sirkka: Body maintenance
Tue 15.00, Sport Sirrkka: Posture power
Wed 8.00, Sport Sirkka: Core
Wed 16.00, Sport Sirkka: Hatha Yoga på svenska
Wed 17.15, Sport Sirkka: Bike easy 30
Wed 18.00, Sport Sirkka: Mobility training
Thurs 14.00, Sport Sirkka: Easytraining
Thurs 17.00, Educarium gymnastics hall: Staff body maintenance (only for staff members!)
Thurs 19.00, Sport Sirkka: Foamroller
Thurs 20.00, Educarium: Deep stretching
Fri 14.00, Sport Sirkka: Hatha Yoga
Fri 16.00, Sport Sirkka: Posture power
Sat 14.00, Educarium: Body maintenance
Sun 14.45, Sport Sirkka: Yin Yoga
Sun 17.00, Sport Sirkka, FasciaMethod
Sun 19.00, Educarium: Flow Harmony

Gym instruction

CampusSport offers gym instruction once a week at every CampusSport gym. The instruction is part of the services included the sports fee, so it does not cost extra. If you would like to have more individual instruction or, for instance, a tailored gym programme, you can use affordably priced Personal Trainer services through CampusSport.

Gym instructions between 7 January and 29 April:
Monday 16-17 Ruiskatu (Uudenmaantie 43 / Ruiskatu 8)
Tuesday 17-18 Roddis (Kåren / Tavasthem, Hämeenkatu 22)
Wednesday 17-18 ASA (Vänrikinkatu 3)
Thursday 15.45-16.45 Educarium (Assistentinkatu 5)
Friday 17-18 Formis (Ajurinkatu 2 / Läntinen Pitkäkatu 25)

Sports tutors

CampusSport has trained sports tutors to assist and advise customers at sports sites. You can also ask a sports tutor to attend a class with you or show you around the gym. For more information, please visit Tutors page.