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Singing bowls relaxation 1 December 2023

Welcome to a singing bowls relaxation on Friday 1 December 2023 at 7pm-8pm in Sport Sirkka (Sirkkalankatu 13, Turku). The relaxation will be instructed by  a yoga instructor, an aerial yoga instructor and a singing bowls instructor Outi Suvila.

The price is 5 euros. The participation fee can be paid to the instructor with cash or MobilePay before the relaxation starts. You do not need to pay the sports fee in order to participate. The maximum amount of participants is 25 and the minimum amount is 5.

Enroll in CampusSport’s electronic reservation system at the latest 28 November. Enroll in the CampusSport online reservation system: 1. Go to “Reserve a class”, link on the website, 2. Select branch: Sport Sirkka, 3. Select type: Sports classes, 4. Select service: Äänimaljarentoutus / Singing bowls relaxation, 5. Choose 1 December from the calendar.

The singing bowls relaxation is an excellent way of taking a break and giving some time to yourself. The relaxation is an unique voice travel where you get to rest under a blanket while you hear and sense the relaxion from the singing bowls that the instructor plays. The relaxation is based on vibration and sound waves. Wear warm clothes and woolen socks. There are mats and blankets in the sports hall.

Accessibility information: The entrance is in Uudenmaankatu. There is a buzzer on the left side of the door. The sports hall is in the street level. There are no stairs on the route from the street to the sports hall. There is a gender-neutral accessible toilet in the sports hall. The changing rooms are downstair. There is no elevator.