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Important information about the spring semester

We have gathered information about CampusSport’s spring semester in this message based on the information we have at the moment (12 Jan 2022). CampusSport reserves the right for changes even with a short notice if the rulings of the authorities change. Changes will be updated in this piece of news. All our customers need to follow the health and safety rules so that we can make sure that exercising in our sports facilities is safe for everyone. You can find the rules on this piece of news.

EDIT 21 Jan 2022: Added information about badminton shifts, courses and competitions.

Paying the sports fee
The sports fee for the spring semester is available for purchase at CampusSport’s online store. The price for students is 48 euros and for staff members 61 euros. With the spring fee, you can use the sports services until 30 April 2022. However, please note that if we are not able to offer services in the sports facilities due to coronavirus situation, the selection of services may vary and be limited. CampusSport is not obliged to refunds.

Customer service hours
CampusSport’s customer service at Educarium is open on Mondays at 14-17, Wednesdays at 15-18 and Fridays at 15-18 for the time being. Customer service will open on 12 Jan 2022. If you are a new customer, remember to activate your tag in the customer service in order to get in to the gyms. Instructions on how to pay the sports fee and buy a tag are available on page Info.

CampusSport’s gyms are open normally starting from 10 Jan 2021. The limitations in the amount of people allowed in to the gyms as well as the special arrangements in the sports facilities are the same than in December 2021. There can be max. 10 people at the other gyms at the same time, 20 in Aurum. At Educarium and Aurum gyms the reservation system is in use. At Formis and Roddis gyms there are no reservations. If you arrive at the gym and there are already 10 people there, you must wait until someone leaves before entering the gym. Ruiskatu gym is closed permanently.

Instructed classes
CampusSport’s spring semester starts online on Monday 17 Jan 2022. In other words, for the time being there are no instructed classes in the sports facilities. The schedule of the online classes can be found on our website on page Schedule: select “online schedule” as a location.

Online classes will be streamed via Zoom. You need to reserve a place in CampusSport’s electronic system to get the Zoom link. Only those who have paid CampusSport’s sports fee can make reservations and attend the classes. You need to make a reservation at the latest 30 minutes before the class starts. The Zoom link will be sent by e-mail at the latest 15 minutes before the class starts. In the future it is possible to reserve a place to classes 7 days before the class takes place.

Ball sports shifts
There are badminton shifts available in Educarium. You can book shifts in our electronic reservation system. You can go to a shift only if you have made a reservation in advance. Two people can play in one field. We do not organise other indoor ball sports shifts for the time being.

The football shift at the heated turf field in Kupittaa (Kupittaa 1) will be held as planned on Thursdays at 3pm-4pm starting from Thu 13 Jan.

Courses, competitions, regular shifts and events
Courses with separate fees will not start in week 5 as originally planned. We might organise some courses later in the spring.

We will not organise competitions in January due to the COVID-19 restrictions. We try to organise the competitions that were supposed to take place in January (badminton, dodgeball, ice hockey, basketball and pool) later in the spring.

Regular badminton shifts are held in Educarium. Other regular shifts cannot be held at the moment.

Individual services
Individual services (massage, nutritional counseling, personal trainer services) are available normally.

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