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Workout descriptions

Descriptions of CampusSport’s shifts are available on this page. Classes are divided into levels from 1 to 3, depending on how challenging the class is. We encourage you to try different classes and see which suit you. You can apply and exercise in your own level. You can ask the instructor for alternative movements and rest if needed. You can participate in all classes and shifts also after the season has started, you do not need to start going when the season starts.

All the equipment used during the shifts is available in the sports halls. You only need to bring clothes that are suitable for exercising, indoor shoes, a water bottle and a sweat towel. It can be chilly in our sports halls so you can bring a long-sleeved shirt and woolen socks. We play music during most of the classes. You can ask the instructor to adjust the volume, if needed. You can also wear earplugs.



Level descriptions


Strength 1:

Exercises that develop muscle tone. Participants learn the correct technique for the exercises. The muscles get slightly strained.

Strength 2:

Exercises that develop muscle tone. The muscles get strained.

Strength 3:

Exercises that develop muscle tone. The muscles get very strained and it feels hard to do the exercises at the end of the workout.